Landscape Urbanism Paradigm

We are currently researching Landscape Urbanism Paradigm for Urban Design Development in Made in Jakarta.

W H Y L A N D S C A P E U R B A N I S M ?

Current urban developments in Indonesian cities construct its field with prioritizing the arrangement of grey infrastructures, such as road, building blocks and utility network; rather than the incorporation of open space and existing natural ecosystem. Eventually, cities become too dense and unhealthy for its inhabitants. The generic approach tend to create acontextual and unsustainable developments, where city lacks livable and enjoyable public spaces; as well as flooding, pollution, traffic jam becoming the cities’ major problems.

This come from inability of the present paradigm to balance the development of grey and green infrastructures. We need to seriously start to rethink the importance of infrastructural landscapes, instead only grey as the new possible framework for city-making. In order to achieve a sustainable future for Jakarta.



Oleh Realrich Sjarief

Founder of RAW Architecture