Work in Progress

The process consists of several types of construction material to achieve efficiency, and durability by local craftsmanship. The first one is engineered wood construction using thinnest plywood in the area which is untouched by rain water which is engineered by 2 cm thickness plywood to easily bent in the curve and divided on module of 600 cm glass except the tempered glass which is used for full height glass from floor to ceiling. The other intention is to use recycle material such as iron wood and teakwood cut it into smaller pieces and treat it as floor finishes. All of the catenary door is an enginereed door which is exercised based on the efficiency of ergonomy, height of the people, ease to open the door, adjusted for the owner’s dimension, the minimum size of opening, the limitation of hinge and combination of steel.

The second process one is steel construction in creating rooftop stairs, office stairs, railing, window which use smallest size at it can to make it easy to build and construct with not more than 2 persons in one group using 40 x 40 mm steel in L shape and hollow shape joined with bolt to be able to dismantle and constructed in the construction process.

The third one is concrete construction which is art to casting the concrete which will open the skylight in top and the side part with tappered detail allowing natural light to the space inside.

Oleh Realrich Sjarief

Founder of RAW Architecture

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