Notes for exhibition – Bravacasa in Pacific Place

Judul Foto : Lihat Karyaku Persembahanku

Judul Foto : Dream team’s pants

Disini RAW pameran dengan 3 studio yang lain, ada Studio Dasar, Highstreet Studio, dan Tim tiga. Saya kemudian berpikir, apa arti berpameran. Pameran karya tepatnya bukan, pameran asal gagah – gagahan, atau asal keren, atau asal beken, atau asal terkenal. Oleh karena itu, foto ini diletakkan di pameran, untuk mengajak melihat hasil kerja, bukan hanya gagah – gagahan, satu tim menghadap ke karya untuk mengajak menyelami karya kita.

Featured at Bravacasa Exhibition. Axial planning house with terracotta rooster, airstacking effect and view facing the breathtaking Landscape Rumah Jawa responds its context of the potential of the site by 3 main design intentions : the existing house which was at the west side of the area. The intentions are: First, exposing the view to the west, the view is to the exisiting swimming pool and adjacent to the exisiting house, providing axis to the boundary of exisiting house and the swimming pool. second, by exposing building that avoid west side because of the heat of direct sunlight of tropical climate which can expose the temperature to 33 degree Celsius, third, by designing a building envelope that responds to sunlight angle during 11 am o clock until 3 pm o clock the whole year. The fourth is providing horisontal and vertical wind tunnel to allow fresh air to the building in 24 hours. The design of the building then conclude that the building need to face east at its widest sun exposure to facade, north, and south, but then, the cantilevered concrete prevents direct sunlight the whole year. The void In the middle of the house functions as air chimney to respond air-stacking effect at its design core forming a stepping expression of tumpang sari, which is been client’s favorite. The design of the opening, rooster at main door wall allows cross air ventilation to happen in the building by having tiny gab on its pattern opening. The chimney allows hot air flows out through the gab. In the afternoon the layout design allows natural lighting coming in so the user doesn’t need to use artificial light. Client: Subiyanto Family (Atiek , Nina , Bayu Ajeng Subiyanto) Project Team : Principal : Realrich Sjarief Conceptual : (Randy Abimanyu, Andhang Trihamdhani, Emmy ulfah ) DED : (Bambang Priyono [Head Technical], Andhang Trihamdhani, Emmy ulfah )Structure Engineer : Herwin Siregar Builder: by owner (Bambang) Model : Tatyana Kusumo

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