Smile Little One

dokter : “Bu bu, tangannya mengepal bu, saya dipelototin, ini megnhadap ke saya ”
laurensia : “iya dok kayanya dia marah, laper dia dok, nunggunya lama dok”
dokter : “maaf ya de, nunggunya lama ya de”
dokter : “ini jarinya empat ya bu, ibu jarinya ngga kelihatan karena lagi mengepal, jarinya jangan nambah lagi ya bu”

love Laurensia and little rich
her smile her hug
her perseverance
her kindness color everyday of life
For the injections, fear of needles
For the hours meeting doctors
For the hours of tears
For the love to our baby and to me
Spread warmth to my heart.
Laurensia  stay strong,

You made me just falling in love again in our fourth year marriage. 🙂

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