Team - Reflection Letter

Margaret Pranoto – Universitas Petra Surabaya

Each beginning is always been a point where one hopes to gain a certain advantage through the particular chapter of this long parchment of life. Even when one has learnt the generousity that life may give, the land is too broad to be be known entirely. Consequently one may encounter unexpected occurances which could be either bitter or sweet.
The amiability and gentility of Mr. Realrich Sjarief has enchanted me to enlist myself but the preciously rare gracious vivacity of the comrades in RAW enchants me further. The first rendezvous with casted a great notion on which I doted immensely as stated previously in my motivation letter, an occurence which lead me to vow my best exertion be with every project I’m assigned on.

I live in such a level of gratitude that both the seniors at the office and at the field are very much concerned of our well-being and improvements as to be so enlightening and enriching either practically and technically. I’ve been too wildly fly from the ground when it comes to design and during my time in RAW I learnt that if we don’t fly alone we can balance better our place between the sky and the ground. Idealism without realism is just a mere dream as does realism without idealism is just a mere act. I learnt to better deprive my fear in presenting my ideas. I learnt that there are so much more thing there is to know. And most importantly I learnt that every idea, no matter how awkwardly bad it seems, it is something that I should appreciate in a much better way and moreover I could always take an essence of everything.
At times the uncertainty and ever changing conditions given by the projects trusted to us were very tempting to let us down or even more, grow us rage. It is when we found each other to be the wonderful breeze that soothe us best and even better when accompanied by the sweet swinging melodies or a piece of delicious crips toast. As Rowena Ravenclaw may state “wit beyond measure is men’s greatest treasure”, I would stand against it to state that there is no greater treasure other than finding those whose company would bring much warmth to our hearts. It is always the hearts of the folks that embroider the countenance of a place, breathe the the anima of its soul. In such an intial purpose in seeking the best working experience available, life grant me with the blessings of finding those precious treasures.

I am very much obliged by the manner of being dedicated by every heart of RAW. I find it hard to express my regards in words to those who devoted probably their only leisure to serve others at OMAH, providing those who have enormous thirst for knowledge. I came to know of not only their extra ordinary thought but also of their most kind loving hearts. I learnt that both competence and compassion are most important to uphold. These people at RAW are most blessed with either, depicting the saying which tell “birds of a feather flock together”, connected by the enigmatic chemistry that knots everyone as one.

When time finally came to ride me back abode, I found the reminiscence of this time have been engraved too deep within my heart, composing a grandiose depiction of a time in my life. A beautiful chapter which bear so much malade to depart from. A thousand words may not be enough to express my gratitude for being allowed to take part in it. Thank you very much for every single detail that I am allowed to take part in. Thank you.
August 2015
Margareta Pranoto
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Oleh Realrich Sjarief

Founder of RAW Architecture

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