motivation Letter

Alya Yasmin – UITM Shah Alam

I am Alya Yasmin, a student from UITM Shah Alam, Malaysia and is eager to learn and sustain knowledge and build upon my skills within this non-formal working environment. I am currently in my third year majoring in architecture – which requires me to do my internship. Having to do my internship in RAW would be beneficial and can open many doors for future opportunities.

The reason I applied for internship in RAW is because from the website that I’ve read, I saw the kind of design approach that I am interested in – an urban and minimal design, thus I know, this is the kind of firm that I would like to work with. The location of RAW are one the reasons too, as having to do internships outside of Malaysia might catch some eyes. I also love softwares, hence, why I would prefer to do most of my designs on computers rather than drawing them by hand and I wouldnt mind learning new softwares that I havent heard of. With the experience I will get from working in RAW, I hope to have my communication skills upgraded, because without communication, a design cant be much achieved as good as a design with communication. As to that, it is vital to have good communication skills for an architect to achieve good designs. 

Oleh Realrich Sjarief

Founder of RAW Architecture

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