Between Machiavelli’s and Romanof’s there is Monk who Sold His Ferrari


Have you read this wonderful book ? It was written by Robin Sharma, It’s about journey of one man, Peter to  conquer the world in  his experience guided by Julian, a monk who sold his Ferrari.

It’s a book combined by what Machiavelli’s book titled The Prince which was given as birthday present from Yusni Aziz. Machiavelli wrote “It must be understood, then, that there are two ways of fighting: one with laws, the other with force; the first way befits mankind, the second befits beast; but since very often does not suffice, one needs to have recourse to the second. and so prince needs to know when to act as a beast and when a man…. it is necessary for a prince to make use of both natures: one without the other cannot survive.[machiavelli:51]

First, he filled his books with advice, idea which is practical on how to get power, retain power. That draws all of the readers, to think our one self interest that ignoring this book and its ideas won’t be beneficial. Next, he explained historical anecdotes, throughout his writing to explain his ideas. He used the characters in his story to spread his ideas. Finally Machiavelli’s used stark, banal language to give his style of writing. Instead of finding their minds slowing and stopping, the readers are enlightened to go beyond their thought and take actions. He left his writing open ended, never telling people exactly what to do in which they must use their own ideas and experiences with power to fill in his writing.

another book is by Laura Romanof which was bought from trip to Solo with RAW people, the book title is Sumarah spiritual wisdom from Java, it’s about art of surrender, losing your self to universe.

Laura mentioned ” The third stage (of spiritual practice) os that of sumarah, of unconditional surrender, of total abandon… here the actual act of faith disappears and is gradually substituted by its fruits : one abandons oneself to the process in complete and absolute acceptance of what is given, no longer asking for anything, no lone utilising the power of the will, no longer invoking faith. This is an absolutely neutral condition where there is no longer any need for effort.” [Romanof:34]

She also had concern that youth of Indonesia, and in particular Java are turning to modernity and feel little attraction to the old ways. She hoped together with Pak Ary and Pak Wondo to preserve the tradition to future generations. As what she believes is as same like what I believe, when the tide turns in Java, as it always eventually does, interest may be reawakened about the old ways. Eventually One friend Vani, one writer who works for Asri, wrote beautiful thoughts for the house that was designed few years ago, Rumah Jawa. She wrote and noted that the story of the house, which I belive that Rumah Jawa design process and its product is also a process of Sumarah to learn the way Subiyanto family relationship with others, a spiritual journey to know the family.

My last and biggest, insight builds on the previous. This year has been hard, as I have said, but I have experienced periods of sheer elation, times when I could hardly believe what I was doing and how much happiness it gave me. Our son will be born on mid of November. We are very excited to spend time with him, watch him grow. There was one moment when our future clients came to our office. He talked about new projects, and suddenly asked about our family, and he prayed for our family. I felt so blessed. Many people prayed for our son, that he will be someone who can bring joy, miracle to everybody near him. Hopefully the day will be as I remember as bright as the white shirt that was might be symbolized as hope from all of beloved team.

bibliography :
1. Machiavelli, Niccolò, and W. K Marriott. The Prince. [Waiheke Island]: Floating Press, 2008. Print. pp 51
2. Romanof, Laura, Alan H Feinstein, and Catherine Bearfield. Sumarah. Print.pp 34

Oleh Realrich Sjarief

Founder of RAW Architecture

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