If my time is up

Screen Shot 2015-10-25 at 9.52.33 PMWiwid’s father just passed away. I deeply sad for her loss. I called her, and heard her story, I know it’s not easy for her having loss in such period, a month, for losing his father. She even said that her father suddenly lost his memory. I hope she is going to be okay, our little Cherry is together in heaven with her father.

Emmy is  going to have her marriage on 7th next month. She is going to have marriage with her boyfriend, Ganesha. Looking at their time, I have not known their relationship, but I’m happy again to reconnect with her, and getting know her update, what she is doing, and they are doing great !

Our baby will be delivered at the beginning of next month. We are so happy to wait for the little one. My group friends from uni had competitions for our baby name, some of the options were very nice, and very fun. There were normal names like Aldrich, Goodrich, Richie, Salimrich, Richheart biscuit name : rich cheese,  even crazier  No Rich no Party.  How can I not smile to see all of the options.

This is alpha for us, there were omega for other people. there was omega for us and even there were alpha for others.

There is alpha, the beginning, and there will be omega, the ending. Laurensia asked today , what do you like, real flower of just fake flower who will last longer, always blooming ?

I like real flower, orchid. In this life, I don’t believe on eternal object. I believe on moment, the most beautiful part of orchid is when it’s blooming. Moment with whom we spent time together. I believe this life has a beginning and an end. I cherish all of the moment with sad and happiness, get close to each other. Everybody is fighting hard in this universe, everybody deserve to be happy.  It’s just the way it is if my time is up, I hope I could share it much to the people.



Oleh Realrich Sjarief

Founder of RAW Architecture

4 replies on “If my time is up”

i am fine,.. kak rich,…
now i am working as freelance,… but iam is in seeking to find new destination,…
now pandu is working in parametr architecture,.. with ario danar,.. he went to jakarta faster than me,..
hope the best for you too kak rich,..

doing free lance is great ! can’t wait to hear your story for the new destination. Oh I see, parametr is great place to work in, very glad to hear it ! Ario is a great mentor, he can teach so much stuffs to him. :)

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