Rectangle in Rumah Petak

Yesterday was the last day for Jovita. I was thinking that RAW is like mutant school in X men, their character just unique by person. Having her graduation was like to let go the beast, one character in marvel full of blue Furs for the ordinary people out there. Some people said she is the phoenix that in fact that her face is rectangle, stiff, her heart shows warmth. All of the people around me, they are doing huge favour for me. I feel so blessed, and being thankful.

I started RAW practice, which I always think off like a mutant school or “Rumah Petak”, in such small room, 3 x 3 meter, it used to be guest bedroom, I spent times sleeping in that room with my grandmother when she need accompany. The room is nice, it faced north side, it was bright for the whole day. It’s located at my parent house. The 3 x 3 m then extended to the garage, space which is 3 x 10 m , a long narrow space, and then mezzanine located on top of it with further exercise of most efficient space, most appropriate lighting, and most reasonable material in this tiny space. The numbers got increased, many young people joined the studio. Today it consists of 20 people including myself. The place was scattered, disorder, full of paradox in its neat reasonable planning. It shows paradox, challenging its status quo time by time.

The table was flipped standing on top of ceiling, the quote of einstein was carved in the entrance saying “ if your ide is not absurd enough there is no hope for it.” Sometimes I try to challenge each project to its limit, by our hard work, deep observation, and numbers of experimentation. I always believe in fresh ideas, fresh meat from our mind.

Is the architecture has singularity effort ? I don’t believe idea that is architecture is a one person’s holistic work, but It could start with one ideas, and the idea got refined, as a part of creative pregnancy. There is no singularity in terms of creating product of architecture. I found out three way of thinking about architecture studio, first that studio should be a container of ideas, place where the experiment should be brought forward, the premise should be challenged. Second, that studio should be a school of design where young restless spirits learn their best, third, that the studio should be place where countless effort noted, re-exercised, praised with no fear. The third process is about the beginning, the transition, and the conclusion of the process re – search, the things that is un-solitary. The process consists of patron, fellow friends, fellow colleagues, assistants, technical , engineers, builders, and future people.

So Jovita, keep fighting. We are all fighting, keep connected. I am supporting you, spread your wings !


Oleh Realrich Sjarief

Founder of RAW Architecture

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