Team - Reflection Letter

Alya Yasmin – UITM Shah Alam

I would like to express gratitude toward Mr. Realrich for this opportunity for accepting me as an intern in RAW. At first I had a hard time coping and understanding what needs to be done, for example, thinking fundamentally in creating ideas, making an outline to present ideas to the client and how to introduce an idea that suits the clients’ understanding. Not just that, although it was kind of hard for me to fit in because I wasn’t familiar with Indonesian language, I met such a variety of people from the office that helped me through it all and making me feel comfortable.

In the projects that I’ve done, I learnt a lot from everyone, everything starting from making 3Ds from a scratch to rendering and detailings in computer. Not just that, we often exchanged ideas with oneanother about the tasks, hypothesis or theories for the project to conclude better alternatives. Theway that everyone thinks amaze me and they really inspire me to think out of the box and push myself off my limits to achieve better solutions and understandings about everything I do.

The greater part of this things I won’t overlook and I give my most profound acknowledge to the seniors that has share their knowledge with me. 

Oleh Realrich Sjarief

Founder of RAW Architecture

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