When Friction finished, iterations went normal

Jakarta, 3th January 2016, “The world is wide, and I will not waste my life in friction when it could be turned into momentum.” Frances E. Willard


There was a time when the friction happened in the builder workshop. There was Grandong, one painter who was not happy with job given by Jasno who is senior supervisor, plus Grandong was persuaded by another supervisor about the condition in another team. So Grandong envied the condition, which was actually same in the other team that was treated by different supervisor, different boss.Because of this friction They have not communicate for few weeks. One supervisor handled one team, another supervisor has another different team. That is the way I set up the builder system.

There had been small fight, and miss-communications between all of them. After I had a talk with all of them, the problem of this was actually, that Grandong wanted a better condition for himself and his family. Off course there will be a better condition for the supervisors, better paid, greater responsibility.

The situation solved by raising the wage all of the builders. It’s normal to have wage raised, the expense in city raised up in this year so why don’t we keep all of the good people by giving them decent salary. Every year the salary need to be raised.

img_4926Pic by rezki

After that the situation went normal, the bright point, I can have the iterations about discussing and executing again the new material that I wanted to try in the workshop. There were moments that I cherished as good process,

First this time, I tried to use brass as edge finish, using brass as finishes material is difficult because it’s uncommon, unusual, not many metal welder can deal with that. Brass is used because of its beautiful gold color, shinny, and bringing lightness when it is used comined with marble or concrete, it has lower melting point, so It can be easier to weld. The objective is to get shimmering gold color at the edge of the concrete.

Second, Another thing that was happened in the building workshop is the way of drywall constructed, by having 60 x 60 module, 12 mm plywood, in total height 3.00 m. The middle of the drywall could be filled with electric cable, switch, air conditioning unit pipe. Actually even we don’t need brick finish for internal wall. Nevertheless For the wall as periphery from interior to outside, as the idea is for thermal insulation, the brick is needed.

Third, There was process for stacking rooster, as the creative process happening, we tried to rotate the rooster 45 degree, and another 45 degree on top of each rooster, we did exercise in 3d modelling in computer. after we tried stacking it for a day in the site, we found out that the stacking rooster need bracing, so we need to redo it again, divided by 3 hollow 5×10 to divide the space, Sometimes the hand talked the construction, the iteration happened not only behind the desk of the studio.

The building workshop played important role on forming the way I think about architecture but in outside world, its function is under rated.I believe on the interactions between builders and architects with be fruitful to achieve master piece. It’s about quality not merely quantity.

here is the people that I love to work with, pak Singgih, pak Sudjatmiko, pak Misnu, pak Endang, pak Jasno, pak Eno, pak Eddy, pak Yudi, Tata, Pak Edy. They are the person who has been giving their huge effort on executing, and help me on executing design iterations of forming craftmanship on site.

Oleh Realrich Sjarief

Founder of RAW Architecture

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