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Yuramia Oksilasari

I find it a kind of difficult to define who I am in the form of words, but based on Myers-Briggs Type Indicator—you should try also! —I’m assuming myself as an INFP persona: Introvert – Intuition – Feeling – Perceiving, known as “The Mediator”, the true idealist and always looking for the hint of good in even the worst of people and events.Back down to my childhood, I was born in Bandung as a youngest of four girls. As a Bataknese—the patriarchy ethnic—I think my Dad expected if I were a boy. For example, the name given should be Yeremia, if I were a boy. But instead of Yeremia, it became Yuramia. He also bought me the kind of boyish toys, neither Barbie nor Pollypocket, even though I knew that I was a girly typical who wanted to be threaten like daddy’s little girl, deep down inside. Actually my Mom had ever put me on ballet course, which is so girly, but I was not really like it because my motor skill was such a mess.I have a big age difference with my sisters, so when I started my kindergarten, they were entering their high-school period. So they became busy and I used to be alone in home, looked for things that can be done by myself—and because I was not an outdoor kid either. That moment was the first time I fell in love in reading and drawing. It was always easy to forgetting time when I did those two things.

Afterward, talking about who I wanted to become, one day I found a big book about houses. I was very interested because those houses so different with my parent’s, seemed so safe and warm—well, I grew up in a unexpressive-cold and not-so-communicative family—so all I ever really want since then was to living in a ‘home’, the safe and warm place, and to making sure everybody would get it. It was my very first idea of life. Architect. People said architect can make it. Architect. I want to become an architect. Then I asked my Mom, “How to become an architect?” She answered, “You should study hard in school, then you get a great score, and you can take the architecture major.” Well, now I’m totally disagree with my Mom words at the time, especially about the great score things, but at least it drove me into a student-with-a-good-achievement and lead me to architecture major in Universitas Gadjah Mada—in spite of the fact that I never really figure out what is architecture, or how the way architect thinks, for sure.“All growns-up were once children, but only few of them remember it.” —Le Petit Prince.Now, I have been reaching my 20 years old and I still remember my idea about the safe and warm place for everyone. And I have also been getting my dream in order to learning architecture. But, honestly it did not go so well; too many tasks at the same time, the high-pressure both from myself and people; sometimes I find myself getting topsy and turvy.Actually I have several interests beside architecture: literacy, art, music, movie, traveling, philosophy, psychology, etc. I have also experience them: in band with friend and performing theater, but I did not really like being center of attention; making a short-movie, but I cannot too focus because I was too busy with my academic; involving the art and philosophy discussion, but I did not see the practical function for my childhood idea; and all of these merely drove me into a jake-of-all-trade. I feel more and more lost.Then, while I struggled in my academic life, I contemplated and found that all of my non-architecture interests have been summarized in architecture; about harmony, about value, about idea. I hope that I’m lost in the right path, and the next thing to do is drowning me with its spirit into architecture.

“While still in the cage of your being behold the spirit bird before it flies away.” — Rumi

Therefore, I decide to do an internship, so the spirit doesn’t fly away, moreover I hope, it builds the safe and warm place, like a nest, through architecture.

Why RAW?
Actually, I heard RAW for the first time from my senior who did the internship there before me, and he recommended it for those who really want to learn architecture. Then I find out more about RAW and I found the simple mission of RAW:To change the way architect think about their work and the world.From the words, I became more curious: what kind of change would RAW do, especially for me? And well, OMAH! Can not be denied, I’m interested about it, and I read some activities there, based on architecture-sharing, seem so humble and intimate. Hereby, I feel so lucky that RAW gave me this opportunity for me, the restless student of architecture, to do internship. And I really hope on myself, to use this opportunity as good as possible.

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Oleh Realrich Sjarief

Founder of RAW Architecture

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