34 th Birthday – Miracle Birthday

160116  ” The only way you can live your life to the fullest is by understanding that you do not have all the time in the world.”img_4639

What is the meaning of this 34th birthday ? Miracle was baptized last sunday. Watching him grow is one of the best birthday gift especially in 2016, he is 2 months old now. we look at him everyday, he has grown quite fast. I know that he will be good boy, blessed one. Also, Laurensia has taken care of our little family, she bought me long sleeve shirt that I like, new bag, and helped me to prepare food everyday. She is the most beautiful person in our family. She has strong heart, genuinely kind,

One time Javier friend from Shanghai said, about his mother who had helped him so much, he asked “mom how could I repay you ?” she said, if you want to repay me, just do the same thing to your child. Our parent never asked to be paid back as well, it’s like an unconditional love from parent to children.

In this moment, I feel blessed with studio that has pushed their effort for crafstmanship mastery , who has such fun and enjoyment, meeting friends to make architecture piece. and last, there are alway new people who we meet every day at OMAH.

all of those things, made my birthday as a meaningful time,
I would like to have a silent time, to rethink all of this.

silence, silence what are you seeking for, …
blue shadow,
is that you really want,
the sun is strong,
it’s yellow light,
I asked blue shadow and yellow light
I asked them,
for silence,
do you really wanted a silence ?
silence is painfull ?
nobody wanted to be alone ?
Is that why you made all of these ?

Suddenly the people in the studio made such a unique video for my birthday. we laughed over laud watching their creativity. In this birthday we are  so grateful to hear all of the greetings from friends, family, and so many kind hearted people. I’m sure our family don’t need silence anymore. This video was like celebrating the old memory, last time they pushed hard for project in Lombok, and suddenly I walked at 11.45 pm, because I wanted to see Laurensia and Miracle. The studio then, sounded very loud, many people laughing, they were making this video which was very creative and honouring.

Oh God thank you for all of the wonderful bitter and sweet memory, we can smile now. I hope that we can be useful person in this short stay. I remember one quote from Yogi Raman, found by Robin Sharma, written in his book, Monk who sold his Ferrari,

“What makes greatness is beginning something that does not ends with you.”

Oleh Realrich Sjarief

Founder of RAW Architecture

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