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Yuramia Oksilasari – Universitas Gajah Mada

Finally reach the sixth week of my internship in RAW. Well, you know something: if you feel that time flies so fast, it means you live at the moment, the present, and take those good times there.

So do I.

I feel no wrong to choose (and be chosen by) RAW as a place for learning, instead of only do the internship. Things I have learned here so far, although only six weeks, are: how to make a good storyboard; how to do the logical analysis in term of architecture research, because sometimes I design without a rational argument; how to maximize time with CAD command or 3D modelling use, either render finishing or doing the finishing render image with the kind of RAW standard (which is nice but of course, I still need to learn more).

And especially about Thinking faster and Designing impulsively.

But more than them, deeper to the soul, there are some intangible things that I’ve learned here as


– About how to treat people in the context of professional work, instead of the context to merely talk about trivias, without the need to be so strict either awkward.

– That working with heart doesn’t mean to working slow…..

– …..but sure, everything needs to be done with heart.

– That, although I don’t hate learning here, but for sure… College is the best place and way to learn things as much as possible. I’m a type of person that always feel so grateful to be a college student – because, with its privilege, who don’t think that it is one of the best

experience in entire life people can have?

But I think after I back there, I will appreciate my two years remain more than before.

– Honestly, before I do my internship, I was in the mud-phase of life, in a transition from adolescent to a young-adult, in a way of defining who I am, and it made me feel so frightful and clueless about future and life.But after I do the internship and had some conversation with some people… Oh, Dear, future isn’t that scary as I thought before. As long I keep swimming in the ocean of good motive, there will be a way, fluctuat nec mergitur, tossed but not sink. And my day will come.

– Last but not least, although it was harsh for me at the first time and although I’m in love with architecture, with all of my humility I’m admitting myself that designing isn’t my passion. I feel writing the really is.And knowing that having my own architecture-firm isn’t my final goal (although I feel the need to work there after my graduation for several time), well, it is a good thing than deceiving on myself for too long.

Hereby, thank you for your kindness and generosity; I will never forget the thrill of being here and being progressive in my self-development because since then, life and future is not a totally-clueless-
thing anymore.

Warmest regards.



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Oleh Realrich Sjarief

Founder of RAW Architecture

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