motivation Letter

Clara Priskila Pranata – Universitas Tarumanegara

The first time I heard about architecture, what crossed my mind was a study about buildings, how they made and built on the land. I looked at models and thought that they were just a miniature about buildings in some exhibition. Yet, as long as I go further into architecture study as my major, I realized that my mind started to change about what I think I am learning right now.

Architecture is a way of creating space, encourage people to enjoy something by function and form. It should be the answers to every problem happening now. It grows by time as feedback from the environment around. I want to get involved in making something new, something that can be useful for people and modify things to be greater than before, space that is enjoyable and beneficial.

I started to know RAW from a workshop that held at OMAH from my university. I looked to the design and works and conclude that it would be great if I do my internship program there as a new experience. By learning design process, I can improve the ability of creating concept as an answer to the environment, and how to apply my ideas into something real. Learning about design methods, building structures, and broaden my knowledge to finally get a better design result. 

Oleh Realrich Sjarief

Founder of RAW Architecture

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