motivation Letter

Sherika Permana – Universitas Bina Nusantara

I feel honoured to be given the opportunity to enroll in RAW internship program. Being able to comprehend vision and work of the firm’s in person has made me become more enthusiastic about projects that I will be given the role to help achieve. I have personal disadvantages that might cause hardship on the firm’s workflow since I consider myself inexperienced in this area of expertise but I am willing to improve my advantages and work on myself to overcome my weaknesses and bring more positive influence.

As an undergraduate architecture student, I wish to have my first real life working experience changing my negative views on architecture because the fact that designers working in architectural company, especially consultant’s company will suffer depreciation in mental and physical health from lack of basic needs as a normal human being such as 8 hours of sleep and appropriate amount of physical activities. Acknowledging how it is far more inevitable than ignored, I sought for a place that can overcome those poor facts with positive offers.

I chose RAW as the first architecture firm that I will have both work and real life architecture design experience because I’ve been familiar with the firm before I major in architecture. I was fascinated, and still am fascinated, by RAW designers’s ideas on firm’s original projects that are available for viewing on website. Although I cannot mention one by one but I am captivated with the details that never seem to be left behind.

Arts have always managed to take the biggest part in my life. I find playing musical instruments and sketching helpful to ease my mind and develop my ability to explore on ideas. The presence of arts in my life has brought me to the state of believing in originality. In my opinion, originality cannot maintain itself without creativity.

Now that I have claimed to be committed to RAW for the next six months, I look forward to not only develop my architectural skills but creativity, teamwork, and time management as well. Furthermore, I’d like my experience here to intensify my interest in architecture so it will no longer be just an interest but significance.

Personally speaking, I have never agreed on how workflow of design is supposed to be and my workflow as an individual always varied for a couple of years in university. The fact that RAW is fast-paced in terms of working gained my interest, since I have always thought design is a series of process that takes time and in some circumstances could take a long time. This concerns and motivates me almost equally, because I will be required to produce presentable work yet I should not miss on being creative. I am quite pleasant with my first real working experience in architectural design is fast-paced as somehow it is considerably more challenging to me.

Being elaborated thoroughly, the firm’s structure is not too complicated. This hopefully makes it easier for me to communicate my architectural ideas and work to long-term designers, simply no labels. I find this as an advantage, because then my work won’t have to wait for so long to be revised and approved. I believe that smaller scope of employees leads to further involvement in actual work and that’s the last of things I look forward to experience in Realrich Architecture Workshop.

Oleh Realrich Sjarief

Founder of RAW Architecture

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