Taking challenges

160501 “After every storm the sun will smile; for every problem there is a solution, and the soul’s indefeasible duty is to be of good cheer. ” William R. Alger

Last few months, we worked on one prestigious project, that made me mulled. It’s a project which consists of several international consultants, builders, and owner. It has high standard of the way building operates. High standard means a condensed manual consists of hundreds pages for architect to read before working on this project and intense interaction among each parties. There is also high level of technical issues because of project’s nature.

The contractor has been asking clarifications until, for us, it’s not necessary to ask every little step to architect because every information is in the construction drawing. at that time I tried to delegate the job to my fellow staffs, partners because of the circumstances that i had to travel to outside Jakarta. The coordination among consultants, builders, and owner went so bad, so the project did not run very well, there were lacking of coordinations, the team had very low chemistry and it seems that project manager was confused about what’s going on. The blaming game began. I felt it’s unnecessary, and thought that we would drop this project to save our position while our position was still safe.

My mind was wondering about path of life, the raindrops, the fear of becoming someone to be blamed, and the risk of being the care taker. I had to slept in the morning and had difficulty to sleep for several days, Miracle cried in the night time, Laurensia said, “miracle can feel, that his father is in trouble, and has many problem in his mind.”. But, I tried to ask myself, for this project which keep bothered my mind, do I want to quit ? do we want to stop ? off course, there will be comfort zone, but come on, the problem just arise, and suddenly you want to stop. Things became very difficult, because of blaming game began, everybody has fear to action, to take lead, if you take the lead,if something goes wrong, you will be blamed. I was in the fear, I tried to ask my fellow friends, nobody there,


I always remember what Laurensia said to me, when i was down, “Honey, if you want to get stronger, you have to face it, I know you can do it. ” ” I know it is very difficult to face it, meaning that you  have to take a risk, but isn’t it same that the time that you came to Indonesia , back from London, or Sydney , or the moment you lost your firm, you finally re run it again. ” We have faced this kinda thing.


Then, after that , I decided, and  woke up in the morning, 3 am, read the manual, and reviewing the documents, and start calling clients, consultants, and start to clarify the miscommunication and helping other people in the big team which consists of like 7 parties. Several days were spent in the coordination and clarifications, it surprisingly followed with such a welcoming response from consultants, owners, operators, and the tension was dropped, we started to solve problem and acting like dream team. What I learnt from this process, is simple act, helping others while taking risk to be blamed is giving us, at least for me, happiness, and I feel so grateful because of taking this project, and having this great challenge.

The second story,  I had to move to our new home. Our house, named The guild. The guild was still on construction, and we had to move before the house is ready, the boxes were everywhere in the house. Laurensia was stressed in several days, and for our miracle, the dust was much everywhere in the guild , and the bedroom was quite dirty. If Laurensia, Miracle, and me need to move, the office which is located in the garage will also need to be moved, because my work nature which is always overtime in the daily week. We had spent several days for packing and moving our stuffs and whole office, the designers, technicals, admin, whole office family helped much in moving all of the thing and made the guild ready as much as they can.

The garage office interior was moved,
The garage office interior was moved,
The office family is helping the moving
The office family is helping the moving

We finally moved at one bright Sunday evening, in an unready condition, imperfect, or ongoing in construction. We felt blessed, suddenly the situation changed, suddenly we were so happy. We just realised that we were in our new home,

how we should grateful for all of the process.

… I love you Laurensia and Miracle, thank you for all of the office family who helped the moving process, welcome to our home, have a great day for all of you, bless you all. :) look at them they are so happy, and miracle so cute, hopefully he can walk in next few months, so he can explore, new world, new imagination in his life.

Laurensia and Miracle in the guild
Laurensia and Miracle in the guild




Oleh Realrich Sjarief

Founder of RAW Architecture

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