motivation Letter

Michelle – Universitas Kristen Petra

I would like to apply for an internship in RAW Architecture and learn how to be a real architect. Right now, I can’t imagine what architect do in a real life. I might be not good at drawing, but I am a creative person, and with that creativity, I can cover my weakness in drawing. I know that I have a skill as a designer but I think that my skill is still raw and I need to do a lot more to polish it. With this internship, I hope I can overcome my weakness in drawing and also can sharpen my skill in either designing or making a model. I am eager to learn everything about architecture in real. I also want to learn to communicate with other people, either with co-workers, senior, or client. I am a perfectionist person, so it makes me a little hard to work as a team. That makes me want to learn to be a better team member or a better leader. I want to learn more about how architect works as a team, how to deal with co-workers and senior. I also want to learn how to deal with the client, how to make a design that can satisfy both designer and user. I want to learn a lot in this internship so that I can make a better me. I am a hard worker, I am eager to learn everything that you can give for me. I also want to build a connection with other people and learn everything from them. I am not a type of person who joins an organization in university, because of that I don’t have a lot of connection. I really regret it. I hope with applying for internship in RAW Architecture can make up that mistake, I hope joining as an intern in RAW Architecture can give me connection and friends in this life. According to my senior, joining RAW Architecture as an intern can give me a lot of knowledge which is useful in my work life later. It also will be a really great experience for me, who still don’t know anything about work life. I really want to know more about work life, so that I can prepare what I really need to do after graduating. I also interested in RAW Architecture because many people say this company has a program for intern, so that we will learn something and not being neglected. I hear a lot of companies don’t really care about the intern so that we do nothing, even though we are applying seriously so that we can get something useful for our life. I hope this internship can give me a vision about what I am going to do with my life as an architect and as a person, and also can give me a connection in my work life.

So an internship in RAW Architecture is something I look forward keenly. Hope I can hear a good news from your company.

Thank You function 

Oleh Realrich Sjarief

Founder of RAW Architecture

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