motivation Letter

Edward Bryan Prasetya – Universitas Tarumanagara

It has been a fun experience learning architecture in the past 3 years, learning and get to know more of what the university has tought me, socializing, working in a team, and knowing the diversity of people. But all of this learning in the university has been making me more curious of what architecture is, and the more I seek of what architecture is from competition, seminars, organization, and working it makes me more confuse of what it is. And the hard truth of reality as far as I have known is that the world of experimental architecture, architecture in the west and architecture in Indonesia has been having a very big differential. Experimental architecture and western architecture has pushed their boundaries to more than just a box of living space, but back in Indonesia, the architecture seems to be back to a normal box buildings with no soul in it and its boring.

Throughout the designing process, my background experience has been the biggest influence of my design, it has been rollercoaster and a very unpredictable experience. A little bit of myself, I was born in a family who love “architecture” and since I was little, I have been travelling to some of a good architecture in Indonesia, but since I my father is doing the construction field, most of the architecture that I learnt from him was limited by cost and practicality. It was very different from what I learn in University and I just cant seem to find a fit for me in that state. Another influence that has affect me is from the background of people living with me and the hard life that I have live throughout these years, it makes my design to be filled with edges, personal ego, and glamour. Throughout more experience in the past year, I have learn that glamour and money was not the essential element to create the space for people to live and experience the happiness in life.

I feel that Realrich has been one of my biggest role model in architecture, he has tought me that architecture is so much more than just a building, and the detail and craftsmanship of it has been unlimited to explore. I felt that I have lacked in the detail and generousity of architecture, therefore choosing RAW as a place for my internship would be an honor for me to learn. I am really hoping that by taking the internship in RAW, I could find the passion and love of architecture that has been confusing me until now.

I hope that by taking the internship I could find the love and passion in architecture, and most of all I could find my identity in design. Personal mood and ego has beend affecting my design and I feel that it is not supposed to be the way it is today, the design mostly influenced by personal mood and ego on a temporary basis condition. Thank you for the time reading my motivational letter to join, I hope I could be joining the team for the next two months.

Best Regards,

Edward Bryan Prasetya

Oleh Realrich Sjarief

Founder of RAW Architecture

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