Team - Reflection Letter

Novitasari Leonard Tanaya – Universitas Kristen Petra

I’m writing this on my last day in RAW Architecture base, The Guild. What a strange office in the middle of resedential houses, an situation that took us wandered and lost for an hour, trying to reach a castle with weird looking “towers”. Something is wrong, about the door. The shape is not usual. But did I know that the join is weird too?, No. That’s when I found Kak Rich for the first time, in front of his door, told me how “cool” his door was. It’s not about the shape, but its supportive joints and frames. It was actually a werid door, no frames, just steel plate with 5 mm thickess.

That conversation strucked me deep in thoughts, about how we, a commoner, see things based on its faces, shapes. Behind an architecture, there’s a story, a reason, about why the shape happens, and how we make the shape happens. “What’s the idea?” that’s a question that Kak Rich demands us to answer, that we basiclly need three or more reasons behind an idea.

Since that moment in front of his door step, I believe that we are working under a great mentor – boss , and I still do. Actually, he never said that his door is cool, in that particular conversation, but I got that, when I saw his expressions, how eager and happy he is to explain it, to someone who doesn’t understand a thing. I rembered how scared I am, when they told me to meet Kak Rich for a discussion on my first day here. But I don’t think “scary” is the right word to describe him right now. I think all the staffs here have their own charms, our fellow bosses – the desainers and associates. Internships taught me how to work with a boss and friends, with each different personalities. They pushed us to work better, faster. There was time I felt sorry for being “snails”, but I’ve been grateful that they were willing to push us far, like the time when they told me to read a bible-like Louis I Khan’s books. Participating in a discussion is totally a must, don’t ever think about escaping from it, even if you’re not used into public speaking. I’m in love with its system, especially the facebook’s group one. You can learn from your fellows, and get some inputs from the pro’. But it’s kinda too bad, because we still not have any courage to give inputs to others.
I want to thank Kak Rich, every member of this team, and our fellow internship members, for being a joker, a great teacher, and a great partner in crime. I found their workhours are kind of facinating, makes me wonder where the home is when you spend your dinner in the office too. I’ve never been that thankful towards sofas, a place where we straighten our back (especially the beige one).

There’s no “gabut”, late night “soki”, or a grateful journey to “warung” anymore. But believe me, when I stepped out the door on my last time, I left with heart craving for more. ☺

Oleh Realrich Sjarief

Founder of RAW Architecture

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