motivation Letter

Novitasari Leonard Tanaya – Universitas Kristen Petra

My name is Novitasari Leonard Tanaya, currently studying at Petra Christian University, Department of Architecture. As I enrolled on 2013, this semester is going to be my sixth one, and I think it is time for me to gain more experience in a “real” world. Despite all the knowledge that I got through books and lecturers, I felt somewhat lacking. I know, as 90’s children, we should be thankful to the inventors of internet things and all. But if I can see it and prove it myself for real, why not?

Through my 2 years in the university, I got some visions about being an architect is not simple at all. We need to think about an architecture as a whole – structure, interior, physical affection, safety, etc – to make those thing an architecture, not just a house that everyone can built, even an uneducated one. Designing for myself – and my mentor, of course, since he was the one who giving us a “job” – was never easy. But how about me, designing with bunch of people, as a team, and designing for people, as a client?
I gained some experience of working as team through organization. The bigger the organization is, I know how ruthless as it gets. “I know we are friends but this is a war field”, we said, But, thanks to them, I learnt how to respect others, to not judge and to listen. Designing in a team is cruel, too many options, too many visions. I and group of friends participated in some design projects together outside, and it’s not that easy despite of us being friends. How about designing for client that is a stranger – in a team that I don’t really know at first?

I saw Mr. Realrich on a seminars in my university last year, and his keynote gave me a thrill. I was too mesmerized with his works, and that moment I thought I should “steal” some of his brains. My mentor said, stealing one’s knowledge is never a bad idea, as long we don’t steal his works. Everything that you learn and see is yours only. That’s why through this internship, I want to gain more. Staying in the whole different city can give me lot of things to see. I love to be on the road after all, trying the GPS myself. I don’t believe that being lockdown and studying harder can get you smarter, but hanging out with great friends can give you some senses and push you out of your box.

I want to use all of the things that have been staying in my brains this long, and gain some things to sit on my brains on the next length. There are many unanswered questions, and
some of them belongs to Mr. Realrich’ works. I would like to learn for the company itself, and if you gave me a chance, I would like to see the works through my own eyes. Thank you.

Oleh Realrich Sjarief

Founder of RAW Architecture

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