Facing Death – Counting Times

I remember last time my uncle passed away, few months ago. we visited him in hospital just a day before he passed away. The doctor asked for our opinion to put ventilator or just to leave him without breath support. It was uneasy experience, we got to choose. Putting ventilator is not easy, it’s painful for him, leaving him without breath support is also uneasy. He had been experiencing his life with cancer for the last 1 year. It had been painful for him.

During my stay at the hospital, I realised so many things, we got sick, and felt so sad because we couldn’t bear to see the losing, the sadness of our big family. I realised that this life need to be ended someday, there will be omega for all of us. I still have 2 beautiful father and mother from my side, and 2 beautiful father and mother from laurensia’s side.

Facing the death, our dignity, money, and love will not be last.

my aunt was faint several times, my cousin, who are younger few years than me, they are still studying in uni now are courageous to support their mother and father. Looking at their experience, seems that turbulence made them stronger.

I asked one of my students about the meaning of the death,his name is Robin,  he had been working to design cemetry.

Is the death something really dark ?
or something really bright ?
is the death the end of journey ?
or is it beginning of the journey ?
to design something great,

we start with process of construction and desconstrution in our head, by reinterpreting our lifes as human being.

Oleh Realrich Sjarief

Founder of RAW Architecture

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