The Foundation of the Practice By Ariko Ahmad

I met this interesting guy, his name is Ariko Ahmad, he studied in London, and love to write. I met him for one interview for Prestige Magazine. his photographer, took a picture of me. I wasn’t ready and always not fond of photography session. Ariko was actualy cool guy when you talk to him, he has full of enthusiasm, and joy, craving for more information, and very warm. This article is one of the articles that I love, I was quite surprised of the writing, that actualy there were so much information coming from our discussion while we had lunch together, from working with Charles, National Gallery, and bit of profession, and glimpse of our hope for the future.

The title of the article is The Raw Reality, very interesting opening, please check it , hope you enjoy it as I remember the time was passed and always wish Ariko all the best.


please do not comment on my funny picture ha ha ha. I can’t stop laughing, Hey my shape is better than it was pictured now, no more fat belly.


Ps : I found out that he was not in the Prestige Magazine anymore, probably he sailed to another company, another family, another journey, well I wish all the best for Ariko and Prestige as well, and we will meet again in the future.

Oleh Realrich Sjarief

Founder of RAW Architecture

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