Circular windows and pyramidal skylights add playful geometry to Indonesian home by Alyn Griffiths

Honestly I’m so excited that The Guild,  is just published in Dezeen two weeks ago. why I’m so excited, first because If the work could be published there, it’s the first time, I’m curious about the article, which photos they want to use because it’s learning about the eye of design, which one interest them, which one doesn’t interest them. 


I watched movie titled Genius which The story of follows the story of American Southern writer Thomas Wolfe and his connections with New Yorker Maxwell Perkins, the publisher. Perkins had already previously published works by the great American writers Ernest Hemingway and F. Scott Fitzgerald. [1] I love the character of Perkins in the movie, William Maxwell Evarts “Max” Perkins (20 September 1884 – 17 June 1947), was a book editor of the early 20th century. He is remembered as the editor who discovered and nurtured American authors Ernest Hemingway, F. Scott Fitzgerald and Thomas Wolfe. He has been described as the most widely known literary editor of American literature [2]


Sometimes in our creativity process we dig in into ourselfisness, finding our own creativity and forgetting outside world in our mind. The editor with keep ourself grounded, connecting our work with public, so people can admire it with certain way of seeing. I think that is the most rewarding experience to submit some of the works to the publications, to get feedback and critics in front of public.

The writer asked me very simple question such as, Who else lives in the house with you ? Why did you want to have your home and studio in one building? What level of connection and separation did you want to achieve between these different programmes?Why did you choose to use circular and arch-shaped openings throughout the building? Why is there a dental clinic in the building ?

here is the article :













I love to have someone who can give me feed back, it’s like having pak Anas Hidayat, and David Hutama as sparring partner of thoughts. It’s very important to have someone to watch your back, kick your ass, and give you hot or cold water if your need it eventhough you feel you are okay.

In the birthday of my fellow designer Tolay - he is leaving the office for the greater good. have a blast future ! :)
In the birthday of my fellow designer Tolay – he is leaving the office for the greater good. have a blast future, Lay. We are still fighting as always ! :)

It’s Miracle’s home and my family home, the studio that we love, it’s still on going to change for the benefit for everybody.

Suasana Diskusi di Studio RAW
Suasana Diskusi di Studio RAW

Oleh Realrich Sjarief

Founder of RAW Architecture

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