Team - Reflection Letter

Kurniawan Bayu Aji – Universitas Diponegoro

I believe, that life work like a line that we have to draw. There will be endless point between the beginning and the end. And during that process, there will be endless feeling and moment to be remembered.
Right now, i am going through the point where i find RAW as part of my life. Everyday passed here has a different taste and meaning, enriching my experience for every minutes i spent. Every designer has given me such a good example and experience. I am amazed about how much effort given by kak Rich, kak Miftah, kak Ali, kak Asep, kak Aki, kak Rimba, mas Beng, kak Acong, Emak, kak Tirta, kak Gomes, kak Nida, kak Laras, kak Ica, kak Jajo, kak Damar, kak Yuli, Bangkit, Dimas, and all the others. Day and night, you have shown me that there are no limit about how much you can push yourself. Just like a bird, we are free to fly as high as we can. In the end, i realized that i have found the atmosphere that i have been dreaming all the time.
As for architecture itself, RAW makes me love it even more. Being here has changed my imagination about designing. I learned that architecture is not something that can be done as instant work. There will be a long development during designing. Every project has it’s own challenge and chemistry. There is no such thing called unimportant details. Every single component is important. And during that process, i have found so much moments worth to remember. An alchemy that perhaps i will never experienced twice in my life.
I will not forget all those moments, when i introduce myself with Lea and Bangkit at my first day. I will not forget when i hear the laughter from above when kak Tirta and kak Acong changed a song lyric into some random funny words. I will not forget when i first play badminton with kak Gomes and Dimas. I will not forget the moment when we watched Star Wars together at Puri. I will remember when Miracle is learning to walk beside me when i was working. I will remember when we celebrate kak Rich’s birthday and we bought him 2 kg of cassavas. I will not forget when kak Asep (a.k.a Sep Lex) sing a rap song about daily project and gossipping people at night. I will remember when kak Jajo is having a birthday party and we have to eat all those “pete”. I will remember when i spend all night to do Ciracas project. And i will remember all the advice from kak Miftah during thrilling Greenville project. Everything. Those memories, coloured with sweet and bitterness, will not be forgotten and preserved deep within my heart untill the end of my life.
As the time flies so fast, I found it hard to realize that today is my last day to be here. I am grateful to be trusted and being a part of RAW. This is how an office should be. A slogan that was not just imagination, RAW is trully the best office in the world.

February 2nd, 2017
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Oleh Realrich Sjarief

Founder of RAW Architecture

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