motivation Letter

Ahmad Zabel Fachreza -UNPAR

Bandung, 15 May, 2017

Dear Sir or Madam,

Allow me to introduce myself, Ahmad Zabel Fachreza who is passionate about everything that has a relation with architectural design. I am currently pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree at Parahyangan Catholic University in Bandung. At the moment I have just finished my sixth semester and I believe it is very important to have a practical internship as a student before stepping up on a higher level. Besides, this valuable internship program is one of many ways to enrich my architectural insight as well as my future studies. I believe that architecture could change the world in a better way by designing with the right approach and sensitive to today’s and tomorrow’s surrounding environment.

During my study for almost 3 years in campus, I have made several achievements through local and international competitions such as the recent FuturArc Prize 2017, Lomba Desain Sepekan Arsitektur UAJY 2017, Miniatur Undip 2016 and manymore. Even so, I do not feel complacent as I still want to keep on learning from others to improve my passion on architecture, not only in academic field but also in the real life. I am consider myself as a flexible person, persistent, love to interact and cooperate with everyone despite of his / her age. My parents told me that having a human relation is very important, because one day you never know if he / she would be your associates / client in the future.

Expanding network, skills (both soft or hard-skill) and abilities are my main objective for my future career, that is why I consider this internship with RAW Architecture as one of my pathways to the opportunity to better understand world of my interest through meeting new people, environment, challenges I may not get from the academy and start to learn to get involved in a real project’s team under guidance of experienced talent to ultimately grow my expertise on this field. Moreover, I would like to keep on digging and learning from the RAW’s mentor to develop me during those valuable times. Therefore, I am very interested to take part in that process of RAW Architecture’s way. Based on my quick observation, RAW Architecture’s work is truly a combination amongst harmony, balance and sustainable. One of them is the Guild which take place near my hometown. Eventhough I have never been there, I watched once on the internet and admired it because I feel so contemplated, the combination of solid-void in mass form, the water and backyard was so appropriate and fit-in.

Finally, by taking this internship with RAW Architecture, I hope I will be a better and   confident person with new horizon that able to decide which professional path I should take in architecture. Last but not least thank you for your attention and considering my interest, as I shall look forward to your positive response that allow catch up me within the next  two & half months, I remain.

Oleh Realrich Sjarief

Founder of RAW Architecture

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