Team - Reflection Letter

Riza Larenahadi – UNS

Four months flew so fast since I found The Guild as RAW office. It is an honour and I am happy to be part of team in best office in the world. I did the internship when most of my friends have already done, so I was late for one semester from my college period. But that four months became the most valuable things in my architecture study even in my life.

I remember when I met Bangkit and Kak Acong at Omah Library and I was given job on my first visit, for helping IAI Awards posters at that night with Kak Rich (the principal). Actually, I was afraid if I can’t do the job and being scolded by the boss. But I can do the computer rendering and we could finish on time. As that night I thought Mr Realrich Sjarief was awesome.

Since the first day until the end of internship program I always enjoy day by day in RAW office. I didn’t feel mad or something negative because I think this office have good social interactions between each other. I could hear the dialogue at the upstairs between the designers and sometimes it makes all the internship students and and designers laugh especially Jajo, Kak Acong, and Kak Tirta who always make jokes within their conversation, even we (the internship students) usually jokes away with designers and even associate designers whose called us ‘terong’ or ‘penonton bayaran’ because we always made noise in the office. I hope there are more new ‘terong-terong’ to make some fun in the office, haha. I think activities outside the office were fun too like doing badminton, futsal (after two years we could do it again, yeah) watching movie and many more.

Four months are enough time I think to do internship program, not too short and not too long time too. I finally know how architect make their masterpiece and it is very hard I think. We need great skills, good coordinations, taste of design, good attitude, knowledge and many good things. And I learn from every person in the office about all of that especially Mr Realrich Sjarief. I think he is great architect, mentor, teacher, friend because he want to everybody in the office learn from anything from what he/she is doing at that time. Even we, the internship students, were recommended to join the material salesman discussion at omah for our knowledge in material object, and I think it is very good for us. Furthermore we must know why we make the shape, why we use that material, why we place that thing in the design, we must give the argument for what we have done to the design. We must to be responsible to what we have done so we must think carefully before we make the line on the design.

Now, I think I know what I have to do to prepare myself in the future, and I must decide what architect I should to be to make good things for me, family, people and my country. Thank you all for RAW people, see you on top!

Best Regards,
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Oleh Realrich Sjarief

Founder of RAW Architecture

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