Team - Reflection Letter

Amelia Aussie -Universitas Kristen Petra

My name is Amelia Aussie. I’ve been doing my internship for 2 months and finally I reach the final week of my internship. So many things happened during my stay at The Guild and I can say that RAW has been helping me to practice architecture. I’m glad that I can have the opportunity to be part of RAW architecture intern.

At first, actually I was a little bit afraid if I can do well on this internship because I know that RAW is very well-known and I work as slow as a snail. I don’t know if I can be any help. I’m not that kind of person who is very good at communicating. When I meet someone new, I only talk when needed so I wasn’t sure if I can have any new friend here. But the people here are very friendly and gave me warm welcome so yes now I have friends here. First day was really awkward for me but as the time passed, I learned to like the place and become such a home to me, where I can make toast every morning.

I learned so many things here, from detailing by computer, making options or modeling, and even rendering. Aside from improving my technical skills, RAW has been helping me to explore in depth architecture, what’s the meaning of every line I draw and what’s the concept of the design. It changes the way I think about concept. I used to think that concept is just a cliche, but turns out it’s not. RAW also taught me a lot about responsibility. If you dare to make some kinds of unique form, you have to be responsible in explaining the structure, details, and even the construction. I used to lack in that kind of responsibility. I thought that there will be always an engineer to think how to build my design so I have all the freedom of design, no limitation, and I got all of the crazy imagination. RAW taught me that I have to put some effort to bring the imagination to reality.

Finally, I think 2 months is enough for me because I learned so many things from the company. They taught me a lot of stuffs and I’ve been having a great experience with the team, assignments, etc. I know I will miss the office, the people and all the feeling I had during my internship. Thank you very much RAW! All the best!


Amelia Aussie

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Oleh Realrich Sjarief

Founder of RAW Architecture

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