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Adot Hariman -TAFE Sydney

Prior to studying Building Design in TAFE Sydney, I was a freelance interior designer for several years. I actually took Multimedia and Animation and due to playing copious amount of video games, tried my hand at modeling buildings and ended up liking it more than animating.

I read about Golden Ratio and applied it in as much of the works I did as possible. I would try to apply Fibonacci in the proportion of everything down to the the dimensions of a door handle, lighting fixture etc. I like the idea of an inherent harmonic proportion, which we can indeed observe in nature and the cosmos, because it binds and unite elements sensibly.

Inherent harmonic proportion makes it possible for elements in a given system to be distinct from one another and yet sensibly and harmonically united. Neither the distinctness of elements negating the harmonic sensible unity nor the harmonic sensible unity abolishing the distinctness
of elements.

I moved back to my hometown in 2009 and started a design school [I had previously taught at a design college in Jakarta] with a couple of designer friends. I wanted to create a community of creative minds where interdisciplinary enrichment may take place. I wanted to perpetually shape myself with art, philosophy, design, spirituality and so enriched, to perpetually create according to my enriched condition.

I got to know fine artists both in Medan and in Jogjakarta. I visited them in their studios, talked with them and learned to appreciate art. I started reading about biophilia, which I think is more holistic than just sustainability.

My first major commission was renovating an old building into an art gallery. The designer-client dialogue resulted in designing the elements as objet d’art, meaning a thing-in-itself or pure expression of a particular idea. This applies to the building itself down to its smallest parts. After this I did several more commissions, mainly residential and some retail interiors and also attempted to initiate some projects on my own. I read about modernist and a bit on post-modernist architecture. I read about the inter-penetration of different disciplines in architecture, for example in the school of Bauhaus.

I wanted to develop my own particular idea by synthesizing concepts from architecture and other disciplines into an integral and irreducible whole. So far my influences are Fibonacci, biophilia, Bruno Munari’s Art as Design, Japanese aesthetic, Jane Jacobs’ urbanism, and phenomenological architecture.

I admire the great urban centers of the world such as NYC, Tokyo and Paris with their intricate built topography. New York City is the quintessential city and while some people will try to contrast nature with the city, a built environment is no less natural than a stalactite formation. Man is part of nature and a city is as natural as a termite mound colony. Man is an architect-ing being. Man is homo architectus. He exerts himself somatically, psychically, and spiritually in his environment. This is evident in the everyday arrangement of daily living which is always personal and unique. It is natural for man to create and build and so architecture is as natural to human condition as eating and sleeping.

I reject the antithesis of form and function. Function is reductionist and limiting. I see the relation of form and purpose as mutually autopoietic and inherent. Purpose is the essence of form and form substantiates purpose. Form and purpose exist neither in antithesis nor in synthesis. Rather
they are indivisibly but distinctly one.

Eventually I took Building Design course in Sydney to develop myself. In my last semester I trained in architectural drafting in Zouk Architects in Crows Nest followed by part-time work in CCG in Newtown. I found working in an architect firm to be energizing. I like being part of a team in a creative discipline and I like the process and result of creative exertion.

RAW is one of the few architect firms in Jakarta that I admire. I admire its philosophy, thoughtful work process, ambition, drive, and works. I want to be part of a great and daring team creating thoughtful and daring works. I am sure that I will meet great people in RAW and it will be a pleasure to work in such a setting.

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Oleh Realrich Sjarief

Founder of RAW Architecture

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