Team - Reflection Letter

2017-ITB-Annisa Zakira Fillah

It hasn’t been a long time since I left the office desk in RAW. Two months has passed, and here I am, receiving so many learning and experience through my intern period. This internship was actually the second intern I took to get work experience. The first one was in PT Perentjana Djaja, which is a big company and focused more on government projects. For the second time, I felt so curious about working in a smaller office, which is focused more on its design and also has a good recognition. The curiosity, interest, and recommendation from my seniors finally took me to this incredible work experience at RAW.

RAW itself is a developing company which has shown its creative ideas through the projects, such as several of them on the archdaily website. This was exactly the same impression I’ve got when I first entered its office. Unique, cozy, and fun ambience are all in this work place called ‘The Guild’ (which has so many spot to explore!). These kind of atmosphere at work of course wouldn’t be the same without all the staffs and my intern companion, who are really nice, fun, and outgoing people. We spent our time a lot in The Guild working, eating, resting, discuss things, or even just chilling while eating bread.

Working at RAW, I’ve got new perspective on how the design process delivered in every project. The feeling was very different comparing my previous intern at a ‘more-governmental’ company. The goal here is not only about how projects is done, but also how its perfectly done and give good impression to the clients. The process itself never been so easy, a lot of rejection, review, and changes to the design is happening all the time. In here it is very important to bring the project its own identity and uniqueness. I found it very interesting in RAW because the design process can be delivered nicely to every staffs in there. The sharing and discussion definitely was helping the process. It was quite new and different way from what I’ve got in college, so I think this was a really good opportunity.

Within two months, there are a lot of projects I get to work on, it was mostly residential and the other was commercial uses like an office. I’ve got a lot of help from the designers while working on these projects. There are so many steps I learnt on the projects starting from the sketch, designing plans, facades, developing 3D, detailed drawings, until making presentations and models. Not only designing a building, here I also get to learn about building construction. I got to visit the project site multiple times, discussing things with the structural/MEP engineer, and meeting more detailed problems on the site. Well, these kind of process always be the most interesting.

Through this reflection letter, I also want to thank Mr. Realrich, who gave me this great opportunity and the one who always inspiring; Miftah, Ali, Asep, and Aki, as the associates who taught me well about working on different projects; Jajo, Gomes, Yuli, Tirta, Laras, Damar, Aga, Ica, and Nida, the people whom I made so many mistakes but still taught me a lot; also the friends who rode a same boat with me: Ishani, Bea, Lady, Aussie, Regina, Neysa, Sigit, Zabel, Aron, Fahry, Ivan, Riza, Yuki, Dodi, Aris, Linton, and Adot. I really owe these people a lot and I hope we’ll meet again in another opportunity.


Oleh Realrich Sjarief

Founder of RAW Architecture

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