motivation Letter

Ishani Dayal -SMVDU University

Respected Sir/ Madam

I am Ishani Dayal, student of architecture and currentlyenrolled to a B.Arch. program in India. I am presently pursuing my 6th semester of B.Arch. studies and need to get through with an internship of minimum 100 days in reputed Architectural firm as an academic requirement. Therefore, I am writing in response to the internship opportunity in RAW Architecture and would love the chance to be able to work with RAW Architects Team.I, as a student have a pretty wide range of work that constitute my current portfolio. I have extensively experimented with the work, I have done. My taste for exploration takes me through to various multi-disciplinary sets of work. A major portion of my design thinking period is consumed by the anticipation of the outcomes and the influence of my design in the greater world and that broader aspect in the past 3 years. I have explored many things and developed the skills by looking around and experimenting. I got the information about Raw Architecture from one of our senior- Sneha Duary, who wanted to go there, but due to some of her personal problem, she couldn’t make it. As an intern among interns, I have expectations to enrich and widen my theoretical and practical architecture knowledge in every project I will assigned to. Therefore, I can compare and integrate architecture knowledge and wisdom between what I have been pursuing in the university with the ones I will collect in R.A.W. With great determination and efforts.

I will continuously encourage myself to fulfil expectations from R.A.W from an intern, with my best efforts.
I am very grateful to have the opportunity to be an intern at the studio RAW architecture. I hope that after my internship, I can get many knowledge in architecture, especially the use of architectural applications in real work, and increase me in making the idea of designing a project. I used to using AutoCAD software for 2D image review, Sketch Up for review 3D modelling. And Lumion for review animation. And I wish I could learn to work with the team, time management, and the responsibility in work.

I am looking for an opportunity where I can learn and enhance my professional knowledge.

Oleh Realrich Sjarief

Founder of RAW Architecture

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