Realrich Sjarief featuring in book “15 Cerita Arsitek Muda Indonesia” by Anas Hidayat, Andy Rahman, and Gayuh Budi Utomo

Initiated by Anas Hidayat, Andy Rahman, and Gayuh Budi Utomo, book titled 15 Story of Young Architect “15 cerita Arsitek” is launched in 14th December 2017. This book highlight 15 exceptional practictioners below 40 years old, in which are Agus Samsudin, Ivan Priatman, Yu Sing, Yodi Juliardi & Victor Vembrianto, Wiyoga Nurdiansyah & Muhammad Sagitha, Realrich Sjarief, Akbar Hantar, Andy Rahman & Abdi Manaf, Gayuh Budi Utomo, Teguh Laksono & Bramastia Hartanto, Ginanjar Ramdhani, Denny Setiawan, Revano Satria, Dhoni Dwipayana & Simon Gani, and Riri Yakub. The story written inside outlines characteristic of each architect mentioned, from style to approach, background and motives.

Oleh Realrich Sjarief

Founder of RAW Architecture