Team - Reflection Letter

Christine Gunawan – Universitas Indonesia

My internship is purely based on my own interest and curiosity on how to transfer myself from university to professional world. From whether I have to go straight to pursue my masters, I want to work in small developing firm or corporates to I want to make my own firm kind of plan which are no doubt, several big milestones an architect wanna-be can think about. Lucky me, Mr Realrich and colleagues in this architecture workshop has gave me opportunity and introduced me warm-heartedly to experience eight weeks of office life, studio culture and work ethics. In regards, I would express my appreciation and thank you to Mr Realrich Sjarief, associates and many designers that were willing to work closely with me and thought me both technical and visionaries experience about architecture as profession.

Today, I have come to my last  day of my independent internship program at RAW. In the beginning of the internship, I have plenty of expectation I did took notes on. And let me tell you, it is not the common ones. For instance, involved in some urban scale projects, being able to create powerful detail drawing to be used in a project, having to know how to develop a design on paper into real-life structures on ground and dealing with clients.

Guess what, only 15% of these come to life. That 15 % was being able to touch a small part of the urban scale project – which is fair enough since those are infamous expectation points a 2 months intern could have. As a reflection, many of my expected points need some extra time to be learn throughout. Many others, they just need more experience, more opportunities and more definition of an own architectural language which have always been a true challenge any architect in progress. However, I did involved in many interesting projects with Mr Realrich and team that has taught me unexpectedly beyond my expectations both technically and non technically.

Back to my former curiosity statement, being in a state of progressing as a fresh grad, I’ve always wondering what is it that a normal architect should pursue after they graduate especially in my case – the rushing and extremely anxious human being. Without neglecting my own personality, moral and values, thoughtful lessons I have got in this studio has impact my thinking in an immense way. While the world is often against the believe of architecture and underestimate the sleepless night an architect has devoted on, Mr Realrich never spend a second doubt on his calling in this field. Presumably, there are distinctions I can help to breakdown between my state and Mr Realrich state.

After a while of internships, teaching and learning as well as talks with Mr. Realrich and friends I have learn a couple of new paradigm I think many of interns should be aware of during their transition life. First of all, an idea I got from Mr Realrich perspective is that, every architect in progress would certainly need their first 10 years in their field to explore, to know what they want, to move from many self-interest to another and to grow uncomfortably. It is the only time we could hardly spend on learning and deconstructing our ego as well as not to worry if we haven’t be settle in life.  Secondly,  is how to work professionally, meaning that even if we do small things we do it with our maximum effort with the a certain quality where it is enough to be seen by others and enough to respect our own master piece. Thirdly, is how to overcome a powerful anxiety – by balancing our life. It is important not to fully spend time in front of our workstation but to also have some leisure and tidying up our sanctuary. Last but not least, is not to doubt on our believe and what we have been started as a form of gratefulness to God and the universe. Therefore, it is okay to dream big, universe will open up ways when it is truly a dream that are made for you.

At last, I could not say enough of appreciation and thankfulness for this opportunity. Wishing Mr Realrich,  associates and team a best journey a head. I has been always a pleasure to be part of RAW impactful role in architecture.

Best Regards,

Christine Gunawan

Oleh Realrich Sjarief

Founder of RAW Architecture

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