Project 07 – The Guild

Located at the corner of the Street at Villa Meruya residential precinct, The guild shows its introvert side with the solid and high border wall, the solid fence without a gap to peek. As if to withdraw from the noisy Jakarta city and build its own sanctuary, the guild is solid from the outside but open on the inside. The Building consists of one residence, living room, studio a place to work for Realrich Architecture Workshop, Omah Library, one open courtyard, and a kitchen. The entrance is introduced by concrete, steel, glass, and polycarbonate sheet. The access from public and private is separated by an open-air corridor. The access to the House and the Studio are separated by 2 x 2 m foyer.

photography by Eric Dinardi

The bedroom is located on the 1st floor while the other program is located on the ground floor. The circulation is interlocked to give easy access for the owner to access the studio below. Living room and also the dining room with a total area of 35 sqm located on the ground floor, while the more private family rooms are located on the first floor and limited by the void of stairs to separate family area and the studio.

Hot west-east tropical sunlight is blocked by placing a solid wall and bathroom while the facade is open to the north-south orientation. Several pyramids shaped form is also introduced to allow sunlight coming to the middle of the building and allowing fresh air circulation through the small gaps in between glass and concrete. The building system uses an automatic watering system that applies zero greywater runoff and zero stormwater runoff. It means the whole water is collected to the retention basin with 8 m3 capacity and 2.75 x 3 m of catchment basin with 1,5 m of depth that also contributes the catchment to the neighbor.

photography by Eric Dinardi

The studio consists of 6 x 6 m square shapes, a small void. The small void has a tapered skylight made of concrete with several small gaps to provide light and air circulation. The library named Omah which is open at the weekend has a size of 3,4 x 12,3 m. It is sunken at perimeter area, half below the height of 0:00 meters considering public access and the needs that require a condition to keep books from the sun and constant temperature with the minimum possible to use the air conditioner. At the heart of the house is a courtyard with a fish pond with a background of the 3.5 m radius circle window with 3.50 m looking through the family room. The Guild is one example of a project which exercises the modification of form and program with interlocked circulation in the tropical climate of Jakarta, Indonesia.

Oleh Realrich Sjarief

Founder of RAW Architecture

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