100 + Techno Build | INTERNATIONAL FORUM AND EXHIBITION Ekaterinburg , Russia,20-22 October 2020

Thank you for the Organizing Committee of the VII International Construction Forum and Expo 100+ TechnoBuild 2020 for the invitation. I will present two topics about Craftmanship – the possibility to shape it to more critical identity and Methodology Grammar. The 100 + expo is a major Russian engineering and construction congress combining conference and exhibition of cutting-edge achievements in the industry that will take place in the city of Ekaterinburg on October 6–8, 2020

see more here :https://forum-100.com/about-forum/

Here is the more detail explanations of the topics,

First one: Redefining High Level of Craftmanship in Local and Global Identity

The issue of Architecture in Indonesia is still a political one. As a country with a history of colonization, the dichotomy of the past and the future is not only about the intervention of technology into the practice of craftsmanship, but also about making sense of our local identities in representing the nation as a whole. With a lot of different faces of local identities, we are still struggling in defining a collective identity in Architecture.
In response to this, the speaker will speak about case study in Realrich Architecture Workshop in the need to be aware of the various issue surrounding their work, which stems from a deeper level of understanding towards crafts and material cultures, and to be able to create a work that is relevant to those issues. Architects also need to be able to work collaboratively with other disciplines towards a solution. This critical approach in practice is what is called a high level of Architecture Craftsmanship. It means to go beyond just one generic architectural layer to the indigenous approach of design solutions.

I will discuss the difference in our practice on
1.Identity is formed over a long time?

  1. The identity is contemplative, the evaluative secret that resides in every personal soul.
  2. Identity is a unity between ideas and portraits.

4.Ethics is one of the identities, the bridge of conduct which has 3 aspects: good, correct and beautiful, which is shown by the resulting product as a means of self-actualization.

5.Social media becomes a distraction as well as a potential for recognition and identity integrity, where Literacy activities are important for building deep identity.

Methodology Grammar for Sustainable Design, A Reflection on Radical Practice.
  The practice of architecture is never separated from the study of methods. In each project, the design process includes numerous iterations from conceptual until the construction phase, in order to create a methodology to be devised in the future for better design performance. This does not always mean using better technology, but starting from the most simple method of obtaining available data and information available on site. From the various study, research, and design permutations, the most optimal design responding to the brief, site, programming, local environment, and material. The speaker proposed a grammar of methodology to create an optimum method of design which can contextualize design to be adaptable to specific design context. The Methodology is about phasing from conceptual to Implementation of the design, as well as details on site, also become important aspects. The study of the combination of local materials and tectonics with design technology is done in order to create better roots in design which forms radical practice.

I will discuss the difference in our practice on

  1. What is the difference between strategy and method?
  2. The method is a bridge of innovation from theory to practice in a logical way
  3. The Method is procedural (has a harmonious bridge between ideas and images)
  1. Methods may have biases, it should be noted that methods differ from stimuli. Art when separated from the building is a stimulus, as well as a building when separated from art, is a stimulus. Art and Building being separated from the building is a stimulus. Matters related to the origin of ideas are a stimulus.
  2. The method has specific, actual, tangible product limits that can be dissected based on the 7 elements of the design method.

see it other speaker, there is Tezuka as well :) : https://forum-100.com/speakers/

Oleh Realrich Sjarief

Founder of RAW Architecture

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