Team - Reflection Letter

Editha Santika

RAW was the first architectural firm I knew and visited as architecture students. 2017, Kak Rio Sanjaya, my first studio assistant, took me on a small tour of the Guild, which was still under construction at that time. During the tour, I said in my heart, “I want to be here again.”

December 2020, the first time I saw an announcement of an internship programme at RAW, I was suddenly interested. After going through long and difficult thoughts, lots of considerations, especially we are still in this pandemic situation and I am in the last semester with final project, finally decided to try and got the opportunity. I feel very grateful, feel lucky and very happy.

Still remember exactly the first day, everyone was very welcoming, friendly and warm. For me, to be honest at first it was not easy to adapt. Moreover, still have online class to do and deadlines in college. Fortunately, colleagues at RAW are understanding and guide me very well. Every day, there are always new things that I learn. Starting from the way of thinking, designing, technical, programming, structure, working fast, and knowledge about architecture itself.

There are so many things that I got. From Mr. Realrich, I learned about the importance of discussion between colleagues, always listens to others including the interns. He reminds us to work neatly and structural. From him I learn that every design has a story, I learn details and technicalities, when we have to run and when we have to relax for a moment,  how to think as an architect, and always be humble. It’s amazing, the figure of Mr. Realrich who is always surrounded by a lot of jobs, but still can manage it well and always passionate. And another thing that I admire, Mr. Realrich is always concerned about our health and appreciates all our work. So many new things that I have never got, and I just got here. Every day, I realized that there were still many things that actually I didn’t know.

Every day is a memorable day for me. Starting from visiting projects where I learned a lot about the build process, the workers who always cheerfully but still work profesionally, lunch and dinner together, sharing and joking, until the last day of my internship.

After my internship at RAW, I became aware that I was easily stressed out at work, panicked, sometimes rushed, less thorough and less tidy at work. So, after my internship from here, I learned to work more calmly, neatly, structured, more thorough and detailed.

Thank you very much, first to Mr. Realrich for the opportunity, to Mas Ali, Kak Thomas, Kak Ryan, Kak Pandu, Kak Timbul, Kak Rico, Kak Kaffyd for guiding and helping me when I was having trouble. Also to all RAW workers who welcomed and received me well. And finally to fellow interns, Panji, Mas Icang, Avi, Joshie, Nielson who most often sharing and help each other at work.

It is still hard to believe that I have completed 3 months of internship at the RAW office, a well-known studio with a lot of accomplishments. I will never forget those 88 memorable days in my life.

Best Regards,

Editha Santika

Oleh Realrich Sjarief

Founder of RAW Architecture

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