Let’s return to the “why” not just “what” is next.

We wanna thank really much to the curator of the TAB series Yann Follain from @wyto_architects described a need of looking in the region as an act of an act of togetherness, and @cosentino.asia. He put together curatorial note in new book in about ETAB lecture series. Yann wrote beautiful phrase that showing urgency of cultures, and being together for sustainability agenda “… Southeast Asia, the differences in practices and cultures have provided new vantage points on how we may innovate to advocate for the sustainability agenda.

We do not claim to know all the answers to every question, but our minds always remain open for growth and progression in thought. We see in the development of society that discoveries and new methodologies evolve over time. What may be considered revolutionary today could eventually be seen as unmistakably evident, and that is the beauty of progress and change in societies.

We as Architects, Designers & Craftsmen need a fresh change in perspective, to prevent us from just going with the flow as we practice and hone our skills. We need to reboot and think of creative solutions, even if means stepping out from the flurry of urban life just to Consider the impact of the daily decisions that we make, as we move into the new beginnings in 2022.

Let’s return to the “why” not just “what” is next.

We slowed down for this journey in the Making of Architecture. We shared generously through our project exchanges. We are now ready to invoke change.”

@realricharchitectureworkshop are delighted to be featured Together with another 15 architects curated by in TAB and eBook by Consentino, as joint forces in southeast Asia with Marc Webb & Naoko Takenouchi @naoko_takenouchi_, Mike Lim @mikelim_dpdesign & ER Yong Siew Omn, William Ti @entrari, Pan Yi Cheng @pan_yi_cheng, Alan Tay @alantay_formwerkz, Adela Askandra @adelaaskandar & Farah Azizah @farahazzizh, Goy Zhenru @goy_architects , Victor Lee & Jacqueline @plystudioarchitects , Chatpong Chuenrudeemol @chatpongc , Jonathan Quek & Koh Kari Li, Tiah Nan Chyuan, Andrian Lai.

“We are closer and stronger”

please look at the @Cosentino ig for the procedure of reading the free E book.

Oleh Realrich Sjarief

Founder of RAW Architecture

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