Team - Reflection Letter

Devi Angraini – Universitas Multimedia Nusantara

Hello, I’m Devi, a 7th-semester architecture student from Multimedia Nusantara University, Tangerang. Just being a student and hearing my lecturers talk about working in architecture makes me wonder what it feels like to be in a real architecture field and what would be different from what I got at university. That is why, during my inter-semester break, I decided to apply for an internship at several architectural bureaus and RAW is one of them. RAW’s projects shown by Kak Rich in my several campus webinars amazed me with how the projects are different from others. It made me want to analyze and learn more about that in some of my assignments and become the reason why I chose RAW as my intern office.

But the thing is, I have no clue at all about the culture and how the people work in RAW since my seniors on campus never do internships or work there. So I asked Kak Gaby who is a former intern at RAW about that, looked for the information on Guha The Guild’s Instagram which showed that Kak Rich usually gathers the team and talks not just about architecture but also about life which interests me, and hoped it will be “The best office in the world”, just like what they say.

On the first day of entering Guha, I already know that I can learn a lot here just by looking at the unique doors it has. Then after meeting the team and starting to work here, I am more than convinced that this is indeed the best office in the world. The people here are so warm, humble, willing to share their knowledge about everything, and also patient when teaching us. I learn a lot about architecture in depth by understanding details that I didn’t get much before, communicating with a team, learning new architecture software which I’ve never used before, and making a design from scratch than making it real. Not only about architecture, but I also learned about a lot of aspects of life such as friendship, relationships, work, education, and many more by hearing people’s various interesting and funny stories. By this, for me, Guha feels like a second home where you can get the warmth from the people and get every information you need to face the wild world out there.

Four months here feels not enough to gain and learn all the knowledge that RAW’s team and the project have but I’m really grateful for having a chance to do an internship here, thank you to Kak Rich. I also want to thank Kak Rich for sharing many insights about architecture and advice on how to become a better person in every meeting, being humble, and appreciating every little thing. Thank you to all the team, Kak Pandu, Kak Riyan, Kak Timbul, Kak Tyo, Kak Al, Kak Rico, Kak Alim, Kak Haykal, Kak Gaby, Kak Putra, Kak Melisa, Kak Khafyd, Kak Kirana, Kak Audy, Kak Vyan, Kak Fina, Kak Sofi, Ci Mei, and Evan for every knowledge, stories, and time that you share with me. Also thank you to my intern friends, Manuel, Nanda, Damas, Zyadi, Ryan, Akmal, Janice, Jessica, Reji, Zikri, and Reva for accompanying me during my internship. It is such a blessing to get to know amazing people like you. I hope the best to RAW and every one of you in every journey of your life. I hope we can meet or work again together in the future.

Oleh Realrich Sjarief

Founder of RAW Architecture

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