Team - Reflection Letter

Jessica Eleora – Universitas Tarumanagara

Reflection Letter:

Jessica Eleora / RAW Internship

I learned of the phrase “a sense of place” in the third year of my university days. I’ve been researching and learning about the term all these years, but during my stay at RAW Architecture, I’ve finally understood what it means. I applied as an intern in RAW Architecture not knowing what I was going into. During this 6 months of internship, I’ve obtained so much, not only in knowledge regarding architecture, but also enrichment in life views to grow as a person. I met a lot of people with different backgrounds and views who are  very kind hearted, smart, open minded, playful, strong headed but at the same time very warm. In life, I’ve always believed that every encounter with someone means something and there is never “nothing we can learn” from our experiences. I hope the best for everybody in RAW, and I hope we may be able to cross paths again one day. My time in RAW with all the amazing people in it is and will always be one of the most valuable experience in my life.

I give my special thanks to Mr.Realrich Sjarief and Mrs.Laurensia Yudith for giving me the opportunity as well as advices and welcome during my stay in RAW Architecture and Workshop. Thank you for all the lead architects who have been always caring and listening as well as looking after all of us, Ci Joanna, Kak Pandu, Kak Timbul, and kak Riyan. Thank you for the amazing mentors who have taught me so much skills and knowledge, Kak Fina, Kak Melisa, Kak Alim, Kak Haykal, Teh Adzlin, Kak Riko, Kak Audy, Kak Vyan, Kak Sofi, Kak Putra. Thank you for the people who’ve always been my support and helping me in various kinds of ways having become very dear friends to me, Tyo, Zikri, Gaby, Evan, Khafyd, Janice, Qealyn, Reva, Manuel, Devi, Nada, Seva & Ippi!

P.s. Thank you Bibi Yanti for always cooking for us and the blue team for always keeping the office clean!

Have a nice day!

Oleh Realrich Sjarief

Founder of RAW Architecture

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