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I Love You

When I came back for a holiday to Jakarta, we had dinner several times, until a week before I went back to London. I felt that I wanted to spend time with her as a couple, not a friend anymore. Because my time is limited, only a week before going back to England.

I love her because I can see my life in the future with her. I love her because of how she appreciates her family, her friends, her staff, her colleagues. I love her because she has passion and care for her job and spending time with me, asking about my activity, asking about my work, my family. That care feeling made me love her naturally because she is a loving, adorable, soft, and loveable person.

I say to her, “I love you. Do you want to be my girlfriend ?” And that day made me believe I had my priority, and we were a couple. Then, We spent a week together before me going back to London, and doing long distance. The challenge was real, and my tears dropped when I left her in Jakarta. I had to go back to London. It was the first time to say I love you, being a couple for a week and living long-distance relations.

After I went back to London, I felt that I had to do something. If I missed her, she must have regarding the same. She can suppress her feeling. I talked to Albert, my roommate, and asked him to come with me to china town. I had prepared writing and asked Albert to take a picture of me. Then I texted her, come to London, and we can spend time together here. And we planned for it, and we have our first goal in our relations. First, to save money to have a vacation. Second, asking permission from her parents. Third, learning that our relationships need time to mature.

Here is the picture that we took during my short break.

Oleh Realrich Sjarief

Founder of RAW Architecture

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