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Why Carrying Flower for Your Loved One is so Strange ?

Finally, my waiting day is over. I can meet my lovely Laurensia. She was in tour to Europe and ended in London. She traveled to Netherland before, before joining the Europe tour. So the plan was, her coming to London and coming back to Netherlands to do her tour. I prepare flower for her, I bought the flower at the battersea road, where I usually eat vietnamese food there. The stall was very beautiful, and so is the flower. My co-workers surprised when I brought the flower to the office. I asked my senior for 1/2 day off, because I worked quite hard, and it’s been a week doing overtime. She approved it, and I smile, walked outside office. some of close friends, congratulates me that I will meet my girlfriend.

I was quite surprised, why they were quite strange to see person carrying flower. I thought It’s normal. I waited her for quite long at the airport. My heart beat went high, and finaly I met her, and I hug her closely. We finally fulfil our first objective. It’s only took like one day for her to stop at London, before joining her tour to Europe.

I remember, she tidied up my clothes, and rooms without asking. That day, I felt closer with her. It’s like meeting old one, feeling like knowing her for long time.

After her tour to Europe. I took her for trip to St. Ives, Penrith. It’s beautiful town. It has beach and hill with light house.

This is the picture where we stand at the hill of St. Ives

Here is at St. Ives beach
Here is in the one of the house at St. Ives.

Oleh Realrich Sjarief

Founder of RAW Architecture

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