It’s Tropical White house

I call this house Tropical white house, simply because of it’s color, white. The colour that has no intention, pure, simple, neutral. Sometimes judgement by color is really personal, but for white, it is  absolute.

I remember one of the architect who likes white really much, American Architect, Richard Meier. He states that

” Where other colors have relative values dependent upon their context, white retains its absoluteness… white is alone, it is never just white… that is itself being transformed by light and by everything changing in the sky, the clouds , the sun , the moon. whiteness perhaps , is the memory and the anticipation of color”.

We always like white as a symbol of purity, reflection of expression. Fine to call it subjective judgment, we just love it.

This is the condition before

IMG00214-20091121-1725 b

The client is a single family couple with 2 sons. They bought the old house 1,2 billion IDR (equal to 120000 USD, the construction cost 70000 USD including architectural finishes and interior finishes. While new house in the same area With the same gross floor area 275 Sqm cost 280000 USD which then makes this project, fantastic cost benefit to the client.

even though we are redesigned the whole plan, but the structure was carefully reexamined and preserved allowed the client to save 30 percent of the building cost construction.

One room was changed to the non permanent room, allowing change the function to become multiple,we call it play room, second living room or even study room, Then, this strategy allows fresh air to circulate and sun to light the interior space by dual aspect configuration with both opening to south and north side. After the opening, the room will be bright, and comfortable to live.

looking at the name, “tropical white house”. We aim this design to be A tropical house, is what where direct sunlight is minimized as minimum as possible to the inside space.

White house is as white as pure as nothing. It just a statement of nothing than the function i

tself. It’s response of the appropriatenessof design thinking which if we look to the process, it is unforgettable. We will release the other pictures soon. The interior designer is mondrich syarif

The real talented Photographer is  Andhang Trihamdhani, one of our designer

Client : Winson Mangkujaya + Cecillia Law Mei Tjoe

Oleh Realrich Sjarief

Founder of RAW Architecture

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