the learning curve – credentials

RAW Architecture 2014
RAW Architecture 2014

I’m writing this as a compliment for all of the efforts given by all of the most talented assistants, internship, seniors at my office who assist me in past projects. They were the people at the design firm that leaving the firm which I named R A W [Real Architecture Workshop] Architecture.

“People come and go”. People learn and practice. People known and make camaraderie.

They will go to the new place, it’s a journey to the unknown. Not everybody does that, one people might stay and live with the office, enrich the office to bloom even bigger but some people would choose to go because their particular personal reason or their future career. Some people will work in Singapore, Thailand, Hongkong, Malaysia, or Indonesia, or even United States, United Kingdom, Europe, wherever we work, it’s one adventure,  it’s priceless.

To be honest I couldn’t let everybody go, the memory of all of the people collaborate is always a treasure. I really hope that this office can grow bigger as the pure intention is to give the best place for live, work, and play for the staff inside whatever your background is.The intention is to get the best person collaborate here and they are the best. It’s a roseto.

That’s why some people said I always said not about one single person in one architect firm but the best asset of the firm  is the people.

It makes me contemplate on what’s the meaning of the office then ? while it can’t provide the long lasting learning of the staffs here, people might go anyway ? or probably it’s a journey of every person in this universe might call. At the end my firm is just a place for learning. I hope it’s the best learning place in the world for you all where it stays humble, stay passionate like a fresh students, and stay connected like what the dots mean. An absurd place like what we believe in einstein’s quote.

Thank you for your best effort which is not only done for me but for yourself. Please stay connected, hope we can work together again. I’m sad but life must go on, go and break the leg :) Let me know if someday you need my help.

My Dream Team, spread your wings :

Meirisa Trinkawati, Elvira Sandjaya, Satria Putra, Dicke Nazzary Akbar Lubis, Tika Novis, Primaldy Perdana, Anastasia Widyaningsih, Silvanus Prima, Lia Kurniadewi, Morian Saspriatnadi, Indra Dwinugraha, David Wibowo, Suryanaga, Bayu Prayudhi, Tony Hartanto, Refano Citra, Bismo Prakoso, Andhang Trihamdhani, Rudiyanto, Soraya Khaerunisa, Emmy Ulfah, Randy Ramadhan, Maria Vania, Christiandy Pradangga, Donald Epiphanius, Apriani Kurnia Sarashayu.

Intern : Indria Nidya Fatmala Warganegara, Winda Herliana Januar, Iduy Abdullah, Vincent Edson,  Endy, Liana Sastro, William Sutanto, Gery Dwi Samudra, Andhika Putra Perdana,  Giovanni Libels, Hardianto Agung Nugroho,  Amanda Gracia,  Devina Cinthya Pratiwi, Galih Adityas, Okta Lieftiani, Cornellia Debrina, Haryo Ruriandi, Harry Kevin, Lioner Octo Gurusinga, Gavin Gunawan, Fransiska Yuanita.

Oleh Realrich Sjarief

Founder of RAW Architecture

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