General review studio 4 UPH 2011

Last week the studio had finished, I’m really grateful. All of them produce real high quality works.Thank you Students

general review 

Team member: Daniel, Handoko, Liana, Mario, Michelle, Vincent, William, Yuni, Yusuf.

Designing mixed use is not easy. It’s arguably one of the most difficult projects in architecture especially if it contains more than 2 components like retail or apartment or hotel or office stacked into vertical mixed use. In order to succeed we have to think for each function. We need to know each pattern for each function then trying to make those works by arranging into beautiful site plan. Beside aesthetic need there are also important components, one is circulation, another is open space and the third is function. By submitting the final work, and finish the real high quality works like I have seen, all of you already have passion in Design. The mark which was given to you represented hard works result and product works, be proud!

Train yourself, and be patience to be good architect, the good result might follow you, learning architecture needs time. It’s different that other discipline, it’s not purely rational like mathematic or physics, and it’s not purely emotional like art or making poet or drama class, it’s magical. You have to experience it! In this case some architects failed the brief because of the will to show a signature without solving the real problem. Remember beside the entire your own individual signature thingy, the objective rational has to come forward, the reason and the background of each design decision is the most important!

Some of you probably will work in prestigious architect firm in Indonesia or Asia or even world class architecture firm. Some of you have produced more than you can produce, maximize your limit, and aim to get highest result in your work in whatever cost with positive attitude. Those certain attitudes will carry you to be a really good architect and bright future. Those positive attitudes also will carry you forward with your work attitude with your senior, peers or even your own clients.

A Studio is like only simulation of real world which brought forward with the highest standard from real empiricist experience or sometimes an experimentation of ideas. To be experimental is good and to be thoughtful is a must! To be thoughtful architect is not easy, it consists of thousands times of trying what works and what does not work. Some architects decide to be empiricist or rationalist. It’s a decision made by yourself, whatever you decide, you work will affect people that use the space, everyday started from the project finished built so you have social obligation as well. Don’t forget it

Individual Comments

Mario, you have really strong technical skill which I consider you have one of the best technical skill among your peers. It will be great advantages for your future career. You have also unique way delivering your product which that make you really special student Your creativity has been seen during the design process in problem solving. Sometimes there were tendencies to show certain signature which arguably appropriate for design optimization. Do Learn, and be proud of what you have done.

Yuni, you have a real good passion in design. It showed from design studio process which I appreciate it really much. For architect, we need times of learning and thousand times of trying what works and what does not work.You have a excellent foundation of self long life learning. You have tried to study your building in terms of rational dan empiricist world. The must do is solving the real problem which we always innovate to bring in creativity to architecture.

Daniel, you have to compare your first model to your latest scheme. You have progressed so much. Be proud! You have a strong and unique skill of form making, some architect can call it sexy form, special signature, or else. Above all of that the invention of finding the rational behind the each design solution is the most important. By looking your latest design, you have understood the logic of how mixed use typology works.

Michele, you have a strong set of positive attitude and strong logic in your design. Good mixed use is a mixed that works in terms of retail planning and other functions. Rida sobana congratulate you for your scheme because your clear understanding about rational that forms your scheme. I congratulate you with big A mark for your final scheme and process. You have the most progressive process among your peers, that is the best. I hope you always do this in every design process you might have. Be proud Michele,

Yusuf, you have good rational in forming your scheme. You have tendency to neglecting design process at the beginning but at the end you perform really well. Be proud! You have solved the problem of the city by introducing bold idea in your open space, good. Even though there were critics that showing your design is too bold but in terms of rational paradigm, that is the right way to do. I believe you have learnt set of rational during the design studio, always improve that. And open yourself to your own long life self learning. Learning Architecture takes time.

Vincent, you gave a gesture of wildness or uncontrollable design decision during the first month of your design studio. We need a logic to form a design in mixed use planning because the complexity of the program. Look at the various mixed use precedents! Remember this. Nevertheless you have progress so much, you have found the rational in your latest design. Even though the retail planing is arguably works but it shows a progressive idea that could be a cutting edge mixed use. Remember all of your effort and progress, it’s huge progress and fruitful at the end.

Liana, you struggled from the beginning until the end of the process but at the end you prove that the design could works. It’s one of the most difficult approach among your peers, but you solved the design elegantly.remarkable. The hard works resulted. Even though You have weakness in your technical skill that you have to overcome , improve it your design will be more thoughtful. You have a good emotional and positive attitude on your design progress, believe me it will be your cutting edge skill to your competitiveness.

William, no doubt that you have a strong set of skill to be thoughtful architect. The design has been brought forward to the real high quality. It works in term of retail planning and good concept of overall scheme. From massing to detail. Rida sobana gave you a real good applause, be proud and enjoy your hard works. I gave u big A mark for you effort of process and product.Learning architecture takes time, no special skill to learn it, find a good place to learn, enjoy it like you love it. Hopefully you will become someone you are master of thought and keep your positivity.

Handoko, you are the one who gave the correct approach of mixed use at the beginning. Even though you have difficulty if technical skill but you have a good attitude to improve your skill. I am surprised of your progress, I believe this design studio will create a good understanding foundation for your skill. always remember about the precedents, how to take the best use of the precedents.

that’s it, have a good break

Oleh Realrich Sjarief

Founder of RAW Architecture

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