to re-inventing and start working hard

the office is really busy at the moment, we’ve got numeruous commissions from several clients. They have been supporting the office so far. But in terms of architecture, I was thinking our design should be fresh. it refers to idea. yes, the idea should be fresh. what is fresh, fresh is innovations, dare to change, dare to lose, dare to invest. I was thinking about the the rational of Murcutt’s idea of responding the climate to architecture, one that shouldn’t be missed that is the inspiring space within. I think every people deserved for a great place to do anything in any circumstances. And I think it’s our obligation, to rethink, to inspire people not only by words but also fundamentally by real works.

we are working on two resort at Bali at the moment. If we look at Bali, the place has deep culture laid among the people.  Even though we are now in the present colored by rationalism and modernism which has generic quality, and faceless culture, in Bali we feel the spirit of the place which make we love the place, and the culture preserved.

we just won 1st prize of limited competition office of Bank Indonesia at Mataram. Working with such creative people in the office creates the incredible happens.

Oleh Realrich Sjarief

Founder of RAW Architecture

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