Puncak Keemasan Creative Office

Features : The interior architecture consists 26 trees accentuating form of catenary bringing atmosphere of wooden forest inside this well integrated creative office.
Appointment: 2015
Completion: 2015
Scope of Work : on construction
Area: 1000 m²
Principal Architect : Realrich Sjarief
Board of Design : Studio PIU of Mondrich Syarif and Karina Tjandra
Project Team [various from developing the sketch to model refinement] : Bambang Priyono, Miftahuddin Nurdayat, Tatyana Kusumo Rofianisa Nurdin, Rio Triwarhdana, Putut Trianggana, Hardiyanto Agung , Hardiyanto Agung Nugroho
Client: Puncak Keemasan Group
Director In Charge : Ferry Hendriksen

Oleh Realrich Sjarief

Founder of RAW Architecture