Lake View House Danau Biru

Designed for a prominent bussiness man family. This house was conceived as a modern rationalist house with neo modernist influence. Located in a quiet prestigious residential neighbourhood of Alam sutera, a satelitte city one hour west of Jakarta. The house consists of clustering of buildings arranged by wonderful vistas of the site to the lake. The overall composisiton ties these buildings together in a harmonious arrangement, informed by the chinese belief that nature is at its most beautiful when considered in relation to the man-made. The landscape itself arranged by several vistas and cluster of plantings reflecting the Indonesian tropical Landscape, the landscape of the tropical climate.

The circulation through the building is organised aroung a sequence of views that progressively move in hierarchy to more private area. The attention of to the play of lifht and shadow, created through a combination of materials and artificial and natural light is fundamendal to the design of the house and evokes the quietude of such a retreat house which stated by its gentle architecture.

Principal Architect : Realrich Sjarief
Client : Djonny Taslim and Family
Project Team : Apriani Kurnia Sarashayu, Andhang Trihamdhani, Anastasia Widyaningsih, David Sampurna
Status : on construction
General Contractor : Budi Rianto
Structure Engineer : Anwar Susanto + John Djuhaedi

Oleh Realrich Sjarief

Founder of RAW Architecture