Happy Birthday Laurensia


Laurensia had her 33rd birthday on 22nd May. I had everything special for her. Last friday we in the office had great dateline that pushed us quite hard. I was glad that we can pass the critical point. After the dateline finished, we had such nice dinner, finaly done. I think I have to prepare something, flower for this saturday, nice present, or I need to relieve quality time just for her.

One publication just contacted me for writing one article about building nation. I was thinking to come up with idea for proud to be indonesian, and the question is, how can we come up with the feel of proud… we are what we belong, if we have to do something with nation. I remember I met sylvania, friend from ITB architecture, I was thinking that someday we should prepare education of architecture for free for students, that was when story of omah happened. RAW has been doing great, but OMAH is one way to share for others for free. Is it possible to make architecture accesible for all ?

or maybe or must be,

I think too much, right now I just wanna enjoy quality time with Laurensia :) I just came back from multiple design workshops, and meetings today, felt tired, Good Day. Tommorow will be better than today.




Oleh Realrich Sjarief

Founder of RAW Architecture

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