Defining Poetic Architecture

Poetry essentially immeasurable because it is something that can be felt but intangible. When it is applied to architecture , then there is a poetic creation with one important criteria which is inclusivity attitude, there are 3 inclusive approach that is exercised in the guild which antoniades might agreed with this :

  1. through the inclusion as many people as possible to create great thought about system
  2. through the inclusion as many diverse points of view as possible with regard to what has been perceived and appreciated as good in architecture
  3. through the inclusion as many ways of conception as possible, to create never itteration until the design get exercised and built.

A building is not like an article that is easy to read and has implied meaning,  but more like poetry that requires a deep understanding beyond what appears on the surface. An architects has elements of space, form and scale that can be described as a poetic space through inclusivity attitude. A poetic space can be measuring the value of intimacy which determines what kind of relationship between space and human. the dimension of intimacy can be a space-forming element that ultimately determines the level of poetic a space. The dimension of intimacy which makes a space has a different identity from another space. A story is one of the ways to get the value of intimacy, and also has a role in describing the space created. these stories that will give meaning to the space. The intimacy that can be perceived by human to space to determine whether the space will be something meaningful or empty.

Oleh Realrich Sjarief

Founder of RAW Architecture

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