The guild is a house for living, working and sharing. The guild’s program combined RAW’s studio, OMAH library and residence. The Design in this house was exercised in program, construction making, and process of living in full iteration from concept to construction. The program is flexible and demanding, providing flexibility and limitations of activities. In this house, the living, working, and sharing is exercised in programming and the detail. The programming is to be flexible but provide limitations. The program has been changing from time to time, from 3 bedrooms to 1 bedroom, from simple shape to more complex geometry, from perfection to imperfection. The guild consists of 2 storey, 1 mezzanine, and 1 summer pavilion on its roof top sitting along with linear garden and one inner courtyard. The office consists of mezzanine and formed by catenary curved, parabolic curve and circle forming the door, the office plan, and window. The structure material used is steel, in a grid 2x 6 m stair as its vertical circulation. It is located at the centre with the main and biggest tappered void made by concrete with slight opening on the top.

Oleh Realrich Sjarief

Founder of RAW Architecture

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